Our Team

Restaurant Manager
Owner of Bono's

Bono’s: Past, Present and Future

After 24 years in the Windy City, Pamela fell in love with deep dish pizza, Italian beef sandwiches and frozen custard. A move to Idaho left her hungry for real Chicago food.


The only solution was to open her own Chicago style restaurant.


As fate would have it, Pamela met Ron who had retired from decades of running his own Italian beef style restaurants and had moved into the Treasure Valley. Armed with his Grandma Josephine’s secret recipes and years of cooking experience, Ron and his son Ronnie had just the taste Pamela was looking for.  A match made in Idaho Heaven!


Together they bring a new taste to Meridian! You can enjoy authentic Chicago style foods without a 3 hour plane ride and trying to catch a taxi into town. Welcome to Bono’s! Real Chicago Food!

Chef Specials

Homemade sweet Italian pastry dessert in a tube shaped fried dough filled with sweet ricotta creamy filling

only 2.25 $
Frozen Custard

House-made frozen custard served in a cone or in a dish

only 2.25 $
Italian Beef

Slow cooked beef with Italian spices sliced thin with sweet peppers, giardiniere, or both on Italian Bread

only 6.95 $